Open again for business!

A few years ago I closed down my blog as I felt that I no longer had anything interesting to contribute to the archery community other than news on my own particular progress. Recently, I thought about this blog and the reasons for why I started it in the first place – to record my own development – for me! Somewhere where I could reflect back on to see how far I have come and to relive some of the many happy memories that archery have given me.

Therefore I’ve decided to open up shopΒ again! If people read my posts then great – if not then no worries πŸ™‚

Here’s to many more years of archery fun!


Wand shoot fun!

Went up to St Albans for the Abbey Bowmen wand shoot.

Now, you’re shooting a plank of wood blimin’ miles away but it’s great fun!

I was booked in as longbow but unfortunately my bow developed a small crack in it so couldn’t shoot it 😦 Luckily Denys let me share hers – so wooden arrows out of a recurve it was!

Everyone had a great time and the weather was absolutely glorious! I won gold, gav won bronze for gents longbow and brian won silver for gents barebow πŸ™‚

My two arrows – side by side!

Gav looking proud of his ‘wand’ hit πŸ™‚ (At the top)

Fire in the distance!

Thanks to everyone for a lovely and relaxed day πŸ™‚





National clout archery bronze medalist 2012 :)

This weekend I took part in my first national clout competition along with 5 other members of Harlequin Bowmen (my new club) and a whole bunch of friends. Three of us from Harlequin were shooting barebow and the other three were shooting compound – also great as it meant we could submit both a barebow and a compound team too!

As it turns out I shot my second highest score ever (despite a very strange and random breeze) and came third!

Me & Denys with our bronze medals!

Great news for my friends too:

  • Michelle – 1st ladies compound
  • Denys – 3rd ladies compound
  • Jeanette – 4th ladies compound
  • Dicky – 1st gents barebow
  • Alan – 2nd gents barebow
  • Gav – 5th gents barebow (eeeek well done on your PB too!!!)
  • Mark – 9th gents barebow
  • Chris – 1st gents recurve
  • Roz – 2nd ladies longbow
  • Brian – 7th gents compound
  • Dan – 8th gents compound

Well done Piglet!!!

Not only that – both teams won!!!

Harlequeenies – compund & barebow team national clout champions πŸ™‚

My gold and bronze medals

What a fantastic weekend xxx

YAY! Gold tassel for Clout Archery!

I did it! Got to the next level of clouting glory!

As mentioned in an earlier post, there are certain badges you can collect when submitting a certain score. I have been chasing my Gold tassel since March (to get it I needed to score between 150 – 174 points!) and i did!!!

164!!! That’s only 11 points of the last tassel (purple 175+)

Not sure why I shot so well as the weather was really windy, I hadn’t practiced since the last clout (a rather bad one) plus I was tired after a long hen weekend.

Even more awesome was that my friend Michelle (Piglet) shot a national record!!!

Piglet with a 5 clout end πŸ™‚ Well done national record holder!!!

Very happy to claim the county record too – espicially as it’s my last shoot as a SWACer and therefore for Dorset and Wilts.

Great to have spent the day with all my lovely archery buddies xxx

Primitive Compound Class for NFAS Archery ;)

Those primitive archery enthusiasts are a rather funny bunch!Β  At this weekend’s Jim’s Jungle Jaunt (fantastic shoot!) Bob ‘The Legend’ Miles unveiled his latest project – His Primitive Compound!

Shame it wouldn’t actually work but it does make you wonder…

Check out the ‘cams’ πŸ˜‰

Bob – looking proud with his bow, accompanied by his grandosn Luke πŸ™‚